“Pitta Goda” is a Telugu phrase that literally means a “parapet”, a kind of wall, where sometimes neighbours gather to gossip.

Figuratively, we at Pittagoda take it to mean a place where people come to express their opinions irrespective of whether anyone is actually hearing them. Kind of like an FMS group discussion.

Pittagoda is a kind of platform for people who want to express themselves, in the form of writing, video or audio. It was especially started by bunch of Telugus, for a Telugu audience, but anyone is welcome! We understand Telugus have a lot to rant and rave about – from politics to literature, from the next Rajamouli movie to America viseshalu, and from music to food.

And if you want to contribute, you can contact us. You can contribute in English or Telugu or Sanskrit or pretty much any language you want. Just contact the admins of this blog to know how.

Please post your comments below!

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