Asalu Kante Kosaru Muddu: Reward Points And What They Are Worth

Whatever complaints we may have with Online Transactions and Shopping, we have to admit that it does come with some perks, and one of them is the curious thing called Reward Points. I have to confess that I’m a sucker for this concept however inconsequential, or silly, the accumulation of these points appears to be in the larger scheme of things. Continue reading

I Swear!

When I was in Sixth Standard, I used to add the choicest abuses to every sentence of mine, as a compulsion. Those were the days when I first heard them from my friends, and I was hearing them for the first time. They sounded fun, totally different to my limited vocabulary, and I added each one of them to mine with a glee and used them liberally without quite knowing their meaning. This phase continued about 2 years, when every one of my friends called each other unprintable names. Our school indeed had fines ranging from 1 INR to 5 INR (from first offense to repeat offenders) to discourage students from swearing but that didn’t stop us. Continue reading