Romancing History – Florence


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Take 200 years of art and history. Cram it in a city roughly the size of Rajamundry. That is Florence for you. Tucked away in the Tuscany region of northern Italy, this town grew into the cultural nerve center of Europe from 14th to 16thcentury. During those centuries, either by providence or by design, Florence birthed and nurtured towering figures of science and arts. This is the town Da vinci began his career as artist. This is the place Dante had a love-hate relationship with. These are the streets Michaelangelo walked through.  And it is the final resting place of Galileo. Florence is a giant open air museum, with every street brimming with history, every square offering a story, if you are willing to listen.  Continue reading

Romancing History – A Travelogue Of Paris

As anybody remotely familiar with me can attest, I am not an active, ‘take life by its throat and suck its essence’ kind of guy. Like Dhoni on Day 4 of a test match on a dull pitch, I let things drift away too often. So when a quarter-life crisis hit me and made me realize I am wasting away my time watching stupid comedy news shows on Youtube, I surprised myself by taking a decision to do something more. And even more bamboozling was the fact that for once, I actually followed up on that decision.

The view of the tower at dusk is out of this world.

The view of the tower at dusk is out of this world.

I decided to travel to the places I have always wanted to see. Places of great historical importance. And since I am Grinch, who detests any form of human interaction in the physical world, I have to do it alone.

Thus began my preparation for my solo trip to Paris, Florence and Rome.

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